Board of Directors

  Brian Diener 
Co-chair (Ottawa) and Director, Communications (Ottawa) 

  Brian is currently leading evaluations of United Nations peacekeeping operations. Prior to this, he led the                  evaluation function at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and evaluations for Immigration,              Refugees and Citizenship Canada and other organizations.  Brian is currently enrolled in the Harvard Kennedy          School of Government’s Public Leadership Executive Certificate Program.  In his spare time, he enjoys getting his      passport stamped, distilling whisky and studying Chinese.

 Emily Brennan

  Co-chair (Ottawa) and Director, Chair of SEEK Committee (Ottawa)

  Emily is currently a Senior Evaluation Manager at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and a Credentialed Evaluator. In          addition to working with CESEF, she is currently the past president of the CES National Capital Chapter. Outside of              evaluation, Emily enjoys knitting, baking, and spending time with her husband and their cat.

  Steven Lam

  Director, Chair of the Graduate Scholarship Committee (Guelph) 

  Steven provides service as an independent consultant. For the past eight years, he has led research, evaluation,                  facilitation, knowledge translation, and strategy for initiatives focused on social and environmental change. He holds a          PhD and MPH from the University of Guelph. Steven was the 2019 recipient of the CESEF Graduate Scholarship.

  Christine Sheppard

  Director, Co-Chair of the Student Evaluation Case Competition (Ottawa)

  Christine is a credentialed evaluator and works as a researcher at Wellesley Institute, a health-equity policy            research institute in Toronto. She has been involved with the Student Evaluation Case Competition since 2014 and    is currently serving as co-chair of the competition. In her spare time, Christine enjoys board games and dog            sports, including agility, tricks, and rally obedience!   

  Cody Sharpe

  Director, Fundraising Efforts (Moose Jaw)

  Cody is the president of Non-Profit Governance Solutions, a consultancy that provides program evaluation,              strategic planning, and public engagement services to not-for-profit corporations in Saskatchewan. Cody holds a      PhD in Public Policy from the University of Saskatchewan and is a frequent instructor at the Johnson-Shoyama          Graduate School of Public Policy in the areas of strategic management and public policy analysis. Before returning    to Saskatchewan in 2019, Cody worked as a consultant to First Nation governments in the Yukon as a program        manager, executive educator, and community facilitator. 

  Eleanor Hamaluk

  Director, Educational Assistance Awards (Edmonton)

  Eleanor is a credential evaluator who serves as the Executive Vice President of Research at Malatest. She                is a generalist in research, evaluation and management consulting, and works in a wide range of topic areas from    health, immigration, family services, education, to labour market integration.

If you wish to get in touch with any of the Board members, please send an email to 

The CESEF is an independent organization created by the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1990 and reorganized in 2005 to increase national assessment capacity through educational activities. In 2006, CESEF was officially registered as a Canadian charity.

The Fund maintains partnerships with the Canadian Evaluation Society and the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education to promote the shared goal of developing the area of program evaluation by increasing access to education, training and professional development.

We invite interested people, potential partners, students and evaluation specialists to send us their comments and suggestions.

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